NENA | Disaster Planning for PSAP
Date & Time
Monday, November 20, 2023, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

This course is a primer in disaster planning to help 9-1-1 professionals prepare for and survive calamities that can cause disruptions to PSAP systems and failures in overall PSAP operations. The class focuses on what employees of a 9-1-1 center can do before, during, and after catastrophic events to ensure they are able to provide continuous service.

Attendees will examine the three primary concerns in PSAP Operations, facilities, personnel, and equipment. Additionally, the class will address the backup procedures that PSAPs can implement and utilize in their effort to mitigate the impact of system failures. This offering employs a straightforward, nontechnical approach, and provides both supervisory and non-supervisory PSAP personnel with the tools they need to help their PSAP withstand disasters.

*Attendees will receive a Certificate from NENA International once completed.
Cost: $55.00 + Tax - SOLD OUT

Location Name
Glen 206
Full Address
Calgary Telus Convention Centre
136 8 Ave SE
Calgary AB T2P 0K6
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