Full Name
Mahmoud Abdelrahman
Job Title
Program Manager Engineering
Canadian UAVs Inc.
Speaker Bio
Mahmoud is a Professional Engineer in the field of Geomatics Engineering. Mahmoud worked for over 16 years in the design and development of the ground control station for the US Army Shadow Tactical UAV (AAI RQ-7). Shadow is a ~200kg aircraft that is the primary surveillance craft for the US Army at the brigade level. Shadow has amassed well over 1.5 million operational hours in theatre. Mahmoud spent 3 years with Lockheed Martin as the Middle East Program Manager for the Indago RPAS deployment in the region. This involved the complete operational training and deployment for the Indago RPAS in a live military theatre. Mahmoud has been with Canadian UAVs since 2019, managing the development of the Sparrowhawk DAA.