Full Name
Maude Pelletier
Job Title
Balko Technologies
Speaker Bio
Maude Pelletier is a geomorphologist with a strong background in GIS/Geomatics. She has done numerous research projects with Nordic Studies Center (CEN), Quebec, as well as with the Yukon Research Center in Whitehorse, related to the thermal regime of permafrost thawing and its impact on the Nordic community. Her different work expertise has given her extensive knowledges on all geomatic processing deliverables related to lidar data and aerial imagery. In 2016 she founded one the first company in Canada that specializes in lidar data acquisition using UAVs. In parallel, she worked on a R&D project for the last 7 years with a team of expert in electronic, mechanical and software development to build the first modular lidar in the world. In 2021, she founded Balko technology, the first manufacturing company in Canada that develops and sells modular lidars for drones.
Maude Pelletier