Full Name
Ryan Walsh
Job Title
CEO and Founder
Speaker Bio
Ryan Walsh is the CEO and Founder of Valqari. He started his career as an Army Ranger with the 75th Ranger Regiment, deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan over several deployments. After leaving the military, he received his BA in Economics and his MBA in Management while starting his first companies. Having built those companies into several multi-million dollar businesses from inception to exit over his first ten years of his career, he then went on to found Valqari. He currently advises several companies including Soteria Battery Innovation Group, and Havenshine, giving him a very well rounded and knowledgeable scope of various tech scale-up requirements from autonomous navigation to battery technology on top of his drone expertise. He also serves as the North American Chapter Director of the Drone Logistics Ecosystem, a global consortium of fifty different stakeholders within the drone space. He is the lead inventor on all of Valqari's 28 granted patents. His most effective skill is being able to lead teams with limited resources to overcome insurmountable odds to complete his mission which he learned in Ranger Regiment, and has become extremely formidable at, having built several successful companies.
Ryan Walsh