Full Name
Dominique Chabot
Job Title
Drone Systems and Applications
Speaker Bio
Starting in 2007, Dominique Chabot became one of the earliest researchers to develop and implement applications for small drone aircraft systems in wildlife monitoring and habitat research over the course of his MSc and PhD studies at McGill University. Internationally recognized as a pioneer and leading expert in this field with multiple published research papers, his recent work has increasingly focused on downstream analysis of drone-acquired data, particularly on developing efficient, automated, and readily accessible and adaptable workflows for detecting wildlife and classifying habitat throughout the large volumes of very high resolution imagery typically generated by drones. Dr. Chabot currently leads a small consulting company, droneMetrics, focused on R&D-oriented work in wildlife and environmental applications for clients in universities and government agencies. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed journal Drone Systems and Applications by Canadian Science Publishing, and an Adjunct Professor of geomatics for Trent University’s Bioenvironmental Monitoring and Assessment graduate program.
Dominique Chabot