Full Name
Alan Chapman
Job Title
Director, RTM
Speaker Bio
Alan Chapman is the Director for Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS Traffic Management) within NAV CANADA. Alan is accountable for shaping NAV CANADA’s strategy for RTM, ensuring safe integration of UAVs and traditional aviation, supporting drone incursion initiatives, and the delivery of ANSP services to meet the Canadian State plan and associated regulations.
Alan co-chairs, along with Transport Canada, the RTM Action Team, a consultative forum with stakeholders from across the RPAS industry, Alan also co-chairs the Trials Executive Steering Committee. Prior to joining NAV CANADA Alan has a long history of leadership roles supporting digitization, software solutions, innovation and integration. In his career Alan has held executive roles in large technology organizations, such as IBM, early stage/start up companies and has been an independent consultant.
Alan Chapman