Full Name
Steve Bellingham
Job Title
Manager, RPAS Solutions Engineering
Speaker Bio
Steve Bellingham has a degree in Engineering from the University of Waterloo, and 40 years of aviation experience with radio navigation aids, GNSS and Space-Based ADS-B, at Transport Canada and NAV CANADA.

For the past 22 years, Steve served as Manager, Navigation Systems Engineering at NAV CANADA, where he led a team responsible for the acquisition and life cycle management of navaids and flight inspection systems. Steve also served as NAV CANADA’s engineering representative on the Aireon space-based ADS B program throughout its development until its initial certification for operational use. Earlier this year, Steve moved into a new role in NAV CANADA’s RPAS Traffic Management team, with responsibility for CNS issues and standards.

Steve is the Canadian Member of the ICAO Navigation Systems Panel, and a technical advisor for the Surveillance Panel and RPAS Panel. He previously supported the GNSS Panel and technical committees of RTCA and EUROCAE.
Steve Bellingham