Full Name
Kim McLean
Job Title
Operations System Coordinator
Stinson Aerial Services Inc.
Speaker Bio
Kim McLean, is from the Syilx Nation. Kim is a drone pilot and GIS mapper with Stinson Aerial Services Inc. She has her Environmental Resource Technology Diploma. And her job title within Stinson is Operations Systems Coordinator. She is involved with wildfire training, project management development, and many other areas of the industry. Kim has found her place within Stinson in creating outreach programs directed to First Nations communities. She strongly believes in empowering nations with the knowledge of RPAS technology, and the skills to manage their own territories. Kim was instrumental in developing the LNIB (Lower Nicola Indian Band) joint venture relationship. She is a strong advocate for communications within Ethical Space. Ethical space is where the indigenous eye and the western eye are able to come together in a positive discussion.

The culture in her specific territory believe that they actually came from the land. She has a very intimate relationship with her ancestral land. For many years the role of land management has been done under the Western Eye. However, Kim believes that land management needs to be done within ethical space. Considering the Western Eye and the Indigenous Eye, to move forward in the best way possible.
Kim McLean