Protocol: Pros & Cons
Date & Time
Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Tracy Ward Cindy Sparrow

Presenters: Tracy Ward & Cindy Sparrow

Emergency Communications Centers have experienced a complete paradigm shift over the past several years.  The way we do business has changed.  The process for the public to report problems and criminal activity has become increasingly complex.  Although call takers are physically removed from the scene, they immediately impact the incident by gathering pertinent information for responding officers and providing immediate assistance to the caller.  The dynamic, often violent, and highly emotional nature of law enforcement calls are particularly challenging.  Risk management must be a priority in any emergency call center. Additionally, safety instructions for callers at dangerous scenes must be a part of our call taking process. Does your center need structured based protocol? This session will present the pros and cons of protocol implementation for your agency.

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Glen 203-204
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Calgary Telus Convention Centre
136 8 Ave SE
Calgary AB T2P 0K6
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