Full Name
Natalie Bak
Job Title
Red Seal Welder/ 2nd Year Pipefitter
Women Building Futures
Speaker Bio
Nat is a Red Seal Welder who has been in the industry over a dozen years now. Growing up on a farm as a shy, meek kid, but who had always been interested in non-traditional roles and looked up to women who pursued them, she got a step up into the trades with the help of WBF and their Journeywoman Start Program many years ago, discovering the steel trades, and those really “sparked” her passion and interest in that direction, especially swinging hammers and smashing steel, as well as getting to “play” with fire and getting to stare at that bright little welding arc and meditate. She has had the opportunity to work in a variety of places over the years, from various shops around Edmonton, working on Heavy equipment attachments with robotic welders, as a budding first year to E-houses and pumphouses, apron feeders for the oilsands, surge bins, various oil and gas sites, boilers, grain silos in North Vancouver’s waterfront watching the ships and orcas in the harbor, dangling from ropes performing rope access work from coal storage silos in Southern BC, and even getting the opportunity to spend a summer at a remote diamond mine in the artic circle aiding with plant maintenance shutdowns where everything sparkled from the diamond dust, and getting to see the local wildlife like grizzlies, caribou and various Tundra flora and seeing the sun high up in the sky at 2am.

Nat is passionate about the trades and getting more people- no matter who they are or how they identify- involved in them, to become empowered and learn new skills in order to grow and become successful. She enjoys mentoring and helping those who are new to the industry, as well as promoting positive changes and addressing ongoing issues in order for the industry to grow and become more diverse, so as to aid in the shortage of workers and promoting the various opportunities available from having a trade ticket.
Natalie Bak