Many programs exist for successful recruitment to the skilled trades, yet apprentice progression and retention continue to pose challenges for both learners and industry.  In a collaborative environment with appropriate supports in place, apprenticeship is the solution for training and retaining Canada’s future skilled trades workforce. 

2021 Statistics Canada data suggests a positive trend in apprenticeship completions post-COVID-19. Evidence indicates that there is no one clear reason for non-completion. A better understanding of the factors impacting apprenticeship completion help inform what can be done to help apprentices complete their programs and help skilled trades employers retain top talent.

Members of the apprenticeship community will provide their valuable insights on what supports and programs are successful at supporting tradespeople along their skilled trades journey.  Employers, apprentices, trainers, administrators and others will help CAF-FCA showcase research and proven initiatives that encourage apprentice progression along their skilled trades career journey and illustrate the benefits of completion for the learner, industry and the Canadian economy.